Juba, South Sudan



SSICI Project

SSICI project (South Sudan Internet Content Improving Project) it been design to be free project to improve the internet content and all our service is 100% free of cost but we are servicing only specific clients those whom we believe their content will add more improvement to South Sudan internet content and we are targeting (South Sudan government agencies, public universities, private and government newspapers or TV and radio) but if you think your content can add more improvement please contact me and I will be more grateful to meet with you and discuss your idea .

Training for ICT Student

In Africa the ICT education is somehow poor and books is out of date and South Sudan is facing the same issue and when the students graduate they will find themselves outside the labor market because what they learn is not the same the market asked for and some will look for training to learn and those whom don’t have money they will just be homeless and the reasons is the quality of education is not good plus the lack of Computer lab and our project is providing free training to all ICT students within South Sudan from scratch to the advance in network, web development, graphic design and programing languages, computer maintenance including cyber security and mobile APPs

Coding for kids

Our vision is to make South Sudan ICT country in Africa within fifteen years and for this and along with the services we offer we teach our kids in Primary school and secondary school how to code and learn programing languages and the basic of computer and this will make them in the future more professionals and some will study IT and They will be more creative with strong experience because this project will support this kids for many years and step after step

Our future projects

Public Wi-Fi

The internet has power to improve people life to better but in whole Africa access to the internet is not easy and the reason behind this is the cost and to solve this we will make few Public Wi-Fi center in the capital city of South Sudan spicily in some universities and this will help our students to know the power of the internet and I believe some of them will change there life’s

Modern computer labs

To have good computer lab is important when you are studying ICT and without lab you will not have that practical side and you will not be good IT and this is one of our future projects to create three modern computer labs around South Sudan but if we have enough budget we will add more and the reason behind this in South Sudan there is only one computer lab and even is not working and I have train hundreds of ICT students and I see are very poor in practical and are completely out of date when we talk about new technologies


  • Domain name registration
  • Web hosting
  • Web development
  • Website re-design
  • SSL Certificate
  • Web security
  • website backup
  • E-mail hosting
  • managing server